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David Michael Designs
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David Michael Designs has been around since 2003, designing almost every kind of structure. We have been fortunate enough to draw for the most outrageous over the top jobs, to the simple basic of structures. But where we excel the most, is with you the client. If your looking to improve your home, look no further than here. From the basic kitchen & bath designs, to room additions, house add-ons, 2nd floor additions, churches, apartments, residential homes, basic landscaping, pool houses, california rooms, indoor outdoor designs, you name it, we love to design it. With the power of 3D we can make your project come alive, offering you a clear look into your project. We like to take the guesswork out of the contractor's bid. If everyone knows and sees what you want before it's built, that gives everyone the opportunity to get what they want right from the start. It's all about ease, we love to make it easy.

BluePrint Studio
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Blueprint Studio is your affordable homeowner-friendly design partner specializing in ADU'S (Accessory Dwelling Units), Custom Remodels, and Room Additions. Whether we maintain the original character of your home or redefine it as fresh and exciting, our mission is to work with you and create a home of comfort, efficiency, and meaning that meets all your expectations. We take projects from design to building permits. Established since 1979.

Frank Pitman Designs
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Frank Pitman is an award-winning interior designer in Southern California, with 25 years experience. Frank is an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers, and certified by the California Council for Interior Design Certification. Let us bring our experience and vision to your project, whether it’s a new home or a remodel. Frank is known for his architectural woodwork and cabinetry, dazzling tile and stonework, and rich custom furniture and upholstery. Frank Pitman has been featured in several of the Orange County Philharmonic Society’s annual House of Design tours, and has twice won Orange County Home Magazine Platinum award for excellence in interior design. Frank received his degree in interior design from Brooks College in Long Beach, and has been designing award-winning interiors ever since. Frank has been published in many magazines in California and nationally